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13 hours ago

Fun family event on Saturday, 31 October!

Ruth Harrison from St John's Presbyterian Church

Come along to this free family event in Mahora! Try the range of activities, collect up prize tickets and exchange them for a prize. Dress up in costume and dance up a storm at the disco, but leave time to have some refreshments! Two sessions, for primary-aged children accompanied by an adult.

9 hours ago

Funding a more comfortable retirement

Heartland Bank

Did you know that 77% of New Zealanders aged 65 and over own their own home? While many may consider selling their home to get more cash for retirement, there are other options.

Reverse Mortgages through Heartland have helped more than 17,000 Kiwis live the retirement they desire, without having to move from their homes.

Find out more about how a Reverse Mortgage could suit you.

Heartland Bank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.
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14 hours ago

Accommodation required

Nik from Akina

Hi my name's Nik and I'm looking for accommodation. Not fussy as to where would definitely consider rural, and the cities and towns, central Hawkes Bay etc. I'm a landscaper/gardener, 48, single, non-smoker, quiet and respectful. I work full time and sometimes on the weekends but also do my design work at home so I'll be generally away at work. The house I live in has been sold and I have to find somewhere else to live. I'm open to any solo living situations, sleepout, one/two bedroom, a building (livable!)... I would also be open to a situation where the place needed some work to get it going. I've got lots of skills - interior decorating, basic carpentry etc. Maybe it needs to be cleared cleaned etc. Perhaps this could be part of the bond or something depending on how much work there is. I have money for bond rent in advance etc. While not looking to pay exhorbitant rent I will definitely be able to pay. Cheers