60 days ago

Rude dog owners

Abbie from Parkvale

Sorry got to grumble, I am a dog owner myself and fully understand that walking them is important at this unsettling time. I am only walking my dog very close to home to not be near others and their houses. We just walked around Queen's Square, we in one circuit came across 6 dog poos all fairly fresh, now common dog owners please be responsible and pick that up. You should in my mind never leave the house with your dog without a bag or whatever you use (ours has a container of bags clipped to his lead) to be able to pick it up.

Please keep others who are also wanting to walk/run with or without a dog in mind.

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1 day ago

If you feel that what is happening in NZ is "not right" - Saturday 10am to 12pm at the Napier soundshell

Jill from Karamu - Waipatu

Hi Everyone, there are things going on in NZ and the world that are (shell we put it) "Not Right". We are making a totally peaceful "standing together as one" (the people) on Saturday 30th May & every Saturday from here on in at 10am to 12pm at the Napier Soundshell, Marine Parade. If you are feeling like you wish to Stand and be counted, please come along on Saturday - if you can, wear a Yellow Vest and maybe bring a chair - join our FB group page "Hawkes Bay Yellow Vests" - hope to see you all there =

2 hours ago

Poll: Do you think the Napier Taupo road needs better cell phone coverage?

Georgia May Gilbertson Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

About 3000 vehicles travel on the Napier Taupo Rd everyday, but patchy reception means some struggle to contact emergency services to notify them of a car accident or break-down, so does the phone coverage need to be improved?

Do you think the Napier Taupo road needs better cell phone coverage?
  • 91.7% Yes - there needs to be better coverage in case of emergencies
    91.7% Complete
  • 0% No - the phone coverage is fine
    0% Complete
  • 8.3% Not bothered
    8.3% Complete
24 votes
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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Sue from Gardna Carpet Cleaning

Locally owned and operated for 35+ years.
We pride ourselves on giving our clients personal service, and we're happy to give advice on spills and what you can do to minimise staining so give us a call to learn more about how we can help.