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1 minute ago

Young Kiwis Ask for Social Media Safeguards

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

πŸ“± Young people recognise the dangers of social media and are asking for safeguards to be put in place to protect them – including having its safe use taught in schools as part of the curriculum.

15 hours ago

Window Cleaning

Chloe from Parkvale

Does anyone know how to get hold of Dean the window cleaning man who walks the streets of Hastings?
Last I knew his phone was stolen but this was a good 6 months ago.
Failing that, someone who can clean my widows inside and out by Next Friday (28th March), I would be pleased to hear.

15 minutes ago

Looking for uncle Tom Huriwaka

David from Mayfair

If anyone knows the where about of Tom Huriwaka all I know is I think he lives in Flaxmere some whanau like the contact to get in touch on neighbourly thank you or phone 0212681175