43 days ago

Moth Vine

Joyce from Frimley

I am sure many saw the piece on Seven Sharp about the Moth vine that takes over if left. It was said the it was manly up north BUT I have been pulling this cursed plant, every 5 to 6 months as soon as I see new plants growing .I try to make sure I pull all the seed pods I can reach but it likes tall trees to grow on and so I miss enough and so it keep growing. Anyone else noticed it, it has a most beautiful flower, white bells with a little frill.

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1 day ago

Hairdressing models wanted!

Rach from Havelock North

Hi everybody!

I’m in my final year hairdressing apprenticeship and I need a couple of models for my last bunch of assessments and sign offs. You Must be available on either a Monday or Tuesday depending on the style needed.

The styles needed for assessments are as followed:
Bleach and tone
Long layered hair cut
Razor hair cut
Graduation bob hair cut
Men’s clipper cut (short back and sides)
Uniform layered hair cut
Permanent colour
Permanent wave (perm)
Permanent straighten (must be virgin hair or no existing bleach in the hair)

Any enquires would be very appreciated!
Looking forward to hearing back from you :)

1 day ago


Elma Pienaar from St Columba's Presbyterian Church

Our HDC wheelie bin has disappeared. It was put out yesterday afternoon to be emptied today. If anyone notices the bin, please let me know. Address on the bin is 14 Napier Rd.
Also, the carpark next to the church is the target of constant littering and damaging of car park signs. Please let the Police know if you notice any such occurrences.

1 day ago


Stihl Shop Hastings

Compact, lightweight pruning saw. Perfect for the little Jobs, and comes in a cool carry case. Come into STIHL Shop Hastings to find out more