124 days ago

Spring is nearly here!

Ben Keehan from FiSBO® NZ Ltd

Hi neighbours.

It's all about the work with a new lifestyle campaign starting this week and more tech developments on the horizon now is certainly a great time to think about selling with FiSBO®.

Our last campaign at 600 Grays Road Hastings sold by owner in just one week after a solid openhome one buyer stopped the show and set a record for the suburb based on the property type. Note that other homes in the suburb are still on the market some three weeks after 600 Grays Road has settled.

This means our platform is a winner and more and more people are validating the tech and ease of use, thus helping to bring down the cost of selling property.

You may already know, but here it is again: The 3 ways you can use our service:

1. DIY : FiSBO® + 2 Signs + Trademe = $499.00 NZ Wide. You use the platform, we provide the tech and training. (Prepay)
2. We create the campaign with all the tech and photos etc, you run the viewings $2k+GST (50% on acceptance balance when the home sells)
3. We run the whole campaign and open homes for $4k+GST (Pay when sold)

Consider this: What would you do with another $25k in your pocket when you have sold with FiSBO®?

Your real estate agent says it's not possible, they have to say that oto make you think it's not. Well, it is!

Anyways enough of that, spread the word, keep your eye on us and see how we grow over the next 12 months.

If you want to meet up book a time to chat below.


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10 hours ago

Be nice

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

Everyone is welcome to their own opinions, on their own posts. Please don’t use other peoples posts to vent your frustrations and personal antipathetic (bad) opinions. Especially if the post is simply informing of an event.

The poster is not responsible for the government mandates, and wherever you like them or not, the mandates are there for a reason. Accept them or not, that is your choice, and no one is saying you don’t have a choice.

But as adults we all should know, by now, that choices have consequences. And consequences are not always what we like.

If you don’t like the system, try coming up with a better one. I dare you. But don’t take it out on innocent people, please. THAT creates division more than anything else.

Be nice! Or face the consequences. ☝️♥️

7 hours ago

Morning Tea Shout at Askerne Winery

Jenny Nilsson from House of Travel Jenny Nilsson

Jenny and Debby took morning tea out to Askerne Winery this morning to celebrate winning the Hawke's Bay Cellar Door of the Year at the recent Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards 🎂

7 hours ago

Audition Notice

Steve from Taradale

Have you wanted to have a go at live theatre? Here is your chance.
REMINDER: 'LITTLE PANTO ON THE PRAIRIE' auditions this Sunday 12 December at 2pm at St Augustines Scout Hall which is located at 104D Latham St opposite the gym.
This panto is primarily for adults but there are some parts suitable for High School Students. You will have to be fully vaccinated to participate in this panto.
Show dates: Last week of April and Sunday 1 May
Steve Driver
027 7566303