27 days ago

Poll: Bills owed to you - Part 1

Linda McCully from Myflexipa

Do your invoices get paid on time?

Bills owed to you - Part 1
  • 33.3% Always get paid on time
    33.3% Complete
  • 50% Sometimes get paid on time
    50% Complete
  • 11.1% Late payments every time
    11.1% Complete
  • 5.6% Owed lots on unpaid invoices
    5.6% Complete
18 votes
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4 hours ago


Ria from Havelock North

Hi to you all ,.just let you know that there is

a scam going that tells you that a oversees deposit is made,.do not react just ring your bank and tell your phone provider to block that number,.had a call 20 min ago

6 hours ago

Retired painter required

Odette from Mahora

Hi there
We need a painter that is flexible to work around my office hours as I work from home. There are 2 bedrooms, a hallway and a loo to be painted as soon as possible please. I can also help with the work at times if that is useful. Is there anyone out there that is able to help?
Many thanks, Odette

1 day ago

Roof Painter

Dot from Taradale

Painter wanted to paint roof of house. Will pay $500. and will supply the paint