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Poll: Local body election: What’s most important to you?

Reporter Hawke's Bay News

The race is on for seats at the local council table, so what is the main issue you’ll be looking at when you cast your vote?
We’ll put whichever option gets the most votes to the candidates and ask what their policy is in that area.

Local body election: What’s most important to you?
  • 22.7% Housing
    22.7% Complete
  • 1.3% Public transport
    1.3% Complete
  • 9.3% Roads
    9.3% Complete
  • 38% Rates
    38% Complete
  • 9.3% Climate change
    9.3% Complete
  • 1.3% Earthquake resilience
    1.3% Complete
  • 18% Other (please comment below)
    18% Complete
150 votes
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3 hours ago


Max from Flaxmere

Does anyone want this plant pick up is flaxmere come and take it away

Txt me on 02041584855

7 hours ago

Ensuring a smooth operation

Carla Pell from CASK Spouting

The PVC spouting on this home was brittle and coming apart in places.
The roof was tired looking with moss and lichen setting up camp in some areas and the fascia wanted freshening up.
Coordinating with the painter allowed this home to be spruced up with our Quarter Round Grey Friars COLORSTEEL® continuous spouting complementing the freshly painted Grey Friars roof and fascia.

13 hours ago

Join our new Hawkes Bay Parenting group

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi neighbours!

Join our new Hawkes Bay Parenting Group - a safe place to connect with other parents, grandparents and guardians.

Use the Group to organise coffee catch-ups and playdates - and to share advice, tips and tricks for growing happy little neighbours. (There’ll even be chances to win great prizes).
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