32 days ago

Fibre Internet & Sports Cars? ?

Felicity from Stuff Fibre

Even sports cars need their oil changed. And we will be improving our network tonight in your area so some night owls may experience a drop-out for a few minutes just after 2AM. Never fear, we will return! Find out more at bit.ly...

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3 days ago

HDC & Recycling

Vivian from Clive

Why is it that the recycling truck refuses to uplift beer/wine bottles in boxes? They will uplift same if in a square/laundry type plastic container. So what's the difference?

1 day ago

Aquarium revamp to cost $51.3 million - What are your thoughts?

The team Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

Hi neighbours - the revamp of the National Aquarium of New Zealand is expected to cost $51.3 million before it opens in 2025.

It is said that the council was "redefining the aquarium to make a significant and positive contribution to New Zealand's aquatic environments", but an environmental expert has labelled this as "unwise".

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is a good or unwise investment? What do you think about the impact it could have on the coastline?
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1 day ago

Poll: Local body election: What’s most important to you?

The team Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

The race is on for seats at the local council table, so what is the main issue you’ll be looking at when you cast your vote?
We’ll put whichever option gets the most votes to the candidates and ask what their policy is in that area.

Local body election: What’s most important to you?
  • 24.5% Housing
    24.5% Complete
  • 2% Public transport
    2% Complete
  • 9.8% Roads
    9.8% Complete
  • 37.3% Rates
    37.3% Complete
  • 6.9% Climate change
    6.9% Complete
  • 1% Earthquake resilience
    1% Complete
  • 18.6% Other (please comment below)
    18.6% Complete
102 votes