33 days ago

Baby Flower Bouquet (Unisex)

Chenae from Bridge Pa - Longlands

Baby Flower Bouquet!
My newest pack with Chenae's Bouquets, available now to order.

Pack includes:
4x Pairs of Newborn Socks
5x Newborn Nappies (Treasures, Huggies)
Color/s: Unisex, Pink, Blue

If you have any requests on other orders please PM my Facebook page :)


*Postage not included

Price: $30

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11 hours ago

Do you think choosing a childless future is a good way to combat climate change issues?

The team Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

New Zealand couples choosing not to have children because they don't want to contribute to the rapid decline of the planet say they are making a sacrifice for society.

The trend has been recognised globally as 'birth striking', where women and men are abstaining from procreation in a bid to raise awareness about "climate breakdown and civilisation collapse".

Do you think this is an effective way of combating climate change issues?


14 hours ago

Crab apples

Marilyne from Havelock North

Does anyone have an excess of crab apples they might like to get rid of. Happy to pay for them