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Karen from Saint Andrews

Bryant Park Takeaways in St Andrews Always gives us a special dinner, and gives me delicious pieces of fish, fried to perfection, my favourite. And also great Chinese dishes. Give them a go, they are so reliable and friendly, and always cook very tasty food.

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Poll: Where would you most like to go once NZ borders open?

Collision Connect

Collision Connect is redefining collision repairs. We are based in both Huntly and Cambridge.

A range of services are available from collision repair and car painting to windscreen repair and replacement. Our qualified team will get you back on the road safely and efficiently, without any mucking around.

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Where would you most like to go once NZ borders open?
  • 52.5% Australia
    52.5% Complete
  • 27% Europe
    27% Complete
  • 10.5% United States
    10.5% Complete
  • 10% Bali
    10% Complete
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Equity look no further

Paul from Pukete

Equity look no further

There is much said about our indigenous people wanting "equity" to achieve equity requires a fully encompassing belief , especially within your own culture .unfortunately to their detriment this is not expressed by the actions of Maori leadership

These views where expressed in a recent article called the "The Fatal Flaw" by Muriel Newman

She states that

" under Labour's He Puapua “partnership” agenda, where Maori are elevated into a ruling class, with everyone else relegated to second-class citizenship status."

Under co-governance partnerships, tribal representatives gain a controlling interest in decision-making - and the right of veto. Any pretense of democratic rule in the public good, is an illusion.

He Puapua “partnership” is in essence "tribal co-governance" It’s an arrangement that replaces democratic accountability with authoritarian rule by a tribal elite that is focused on their own best interest, and cares little for the public good.

This encapsulates the ire of a great many New Zealanders especially Pakeha

Mureil further states

"Co-governance is the antithesis of democracy. While democracy operates in the public good, giving everyone the opportunity to get involved and hold elected representatives to account, tribal rule prioritizes greed and self-interest."

In essence, co-governance delivers the totalitarian control of public good resources to a race-based elite that now leads some of the country’s richest private corporations. As such, co-governance results in the effective privatization of public resources to a Maori tribal aristocracy."

And the stakes are huge – already, thanks to taxpayers, post-settlement Treaty assets held by iwi corporations are worth almost $10 billion

But while tribal rulers and their associates live privileged lives, as a result of the elitist class structure of tribalism, other tribal members continue to live lives of hardship and deprivation.'

" other tribal members continue to live lives of hardship and deprivation.'" is the unfortunate truth that stick in the throat of all New Zealand"

Where is the equity when all the assets are in the " the hands of a powerful and self-interested tribal cabal, who cares nothing for the rights or concerns of other New Zealanders?"

The "selfishness' "greed and self-interest" of the "elite" are the root cause of the Maori malaise that see them disproportionally represented in all the wrong statistics we need to look no further

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Get more from your herd test


Add milk pregnancy testing to your next herd test, it’s the convenient way to tell if your girls are expecting after 28 days – without them knowing.

But why stop there? Combining animal health checks to your herd test could uncover subclinical Staph aureus, Johnes disease, those who produce A2/A2 milk, as well as your herd’s production worth (PW) to help you make better calls.

Talk to your Agri Manager about adding pregnancy or animal health checks to your next herd test.
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