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What do you think are the best ways to protect against ram raids?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

A dairy owner says it could take six months for his business to recover after thieves ram raided and looted his store in minutes.

The Bryant Park Mini Supermarket, on Sandwich Rd in St Andrews, was ram raided about 4 am on Monday January 18.

Read more here. What do you think are the best ways to protect against ram raids?

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Sustainable shopping for every whānau

The Warehouse

A more sustainable Aotearoa begins with the choices each Kiwi makes, and our customers have asked us to help them make those choices easier when they’re shopping for their families.

At The Warehouse, you’ll find an ever-growing range of products that are kinder to our planet.

Right now we’re at 8,000 and counting – and with 5,000 of them available for just $20 or less, sustainable is more affordable than ever.
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What's On: Mighty River Harmony men's chorus

Richard from Cambridge

Come and sing with us in four-part harmony, barbershop style, any Tuesday. Phone 8241880 for more information.
Mighty River Harmony men's chorus
  • Marion School Hall, Hamilton East
1 day ago

Poll: Loss of Gallagher Group to Hamilton

Mano Neighbourly Lead from Silverdale

Former Deputy Mayor John Gallagher now Director of Gallagher Group had hinted that the Company which employs 700 people in Hamilton may move business elsewhere due to high price dealing with Hamilton City Council. Should Council change the ten-year plan and the path it had been going and save the industry from moving out of Hamilton.

Loss of Gallagher Group to Hamilton
  • 82% Save Gallager group from moving out
    82% Complete
  • 18% Let Gallagher Group move elsewhere
    18% Complete
61 votes