51 days ago

It was an honor

Paul from Pukete

“We wanted to help people
We were smart and driven
We loved science and physiology, humans and disease

So we made a commitment

We signed up

It was an honor

We read thousands of pages

Attended hundreds of lectures

Pulled all-nighters

Took more exams than we thought possible

Finals week felt insurmountable

But it didn’t break us

It made us stronger

We learned statistics and biochemistry

Immunology and pathophysiology

We mastered genetics, virology and pharmacology

We read scientific papers and learned how to dissect them

Papers, not videos

It was an honor

We came running when you needed us

Literally, running down the hallway

To the ICU, the trauma bay, labor and delivery

I need help, you said

We can help, we said

It was an honor

There were moments that we thought would break us

Moments that drove us to journaling, to therapy, to nightmares

Broken babies.

Paralyzed children.

Dead pregnant mothers with three kids at home.

The wail of a mother whose son just died.

We bent but we did not break

We returned because you needed us

And we could help

It was an honor

Then there was fear

Fear of walking into our place of work

Fear that we’d be killed by going to work

Fear that we’d kill a loved one because of our work

There were tears and sleepless nights and anti-anxiety medications

But you banged your pots and pans

You sent us pizzas and called us heroes

You needed us

We could help

So we wore our masks, and our gowns, and our gloves, and our goggles

We decontaminated ourselves before going home and isolated ourselves from our families

We almost broke

It was an honor

How quickly the joy turned to defeat

Elation to rage

You’ve learned to do your own research now

You know better than we do

Gaslighting is your language

Your selfishness is astounding

You don’t want our help when we ask you to stay healthy

Yet you arrive at our doors begging for help at the end

You stole our resources

You hobbled our ability to help those who did what they were supposed to do

You killed our patients by filling our beds and using up our ventilators

We can’t help any more

You broke us

There is no more honor”

- Anonymous

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3 days ago

In need of under 5 children's books

Robyn from Rototuna North

Hello everyone

Has anyone got bulk under 5 good condition children's books either for free or happy to pay a fair price.

I can pick up contactless

Thank you in advance

10 days ago

damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Paul from Pukete

I have sat back and watched everyone rant about yesterday's NZ Government announcement regarding mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for all adults working in the education section, early childhood education sector and healthcare and can't believe the language some are using and the abuse being levelled.
The Government has not taken your rights away to decide if you are vaccinated or not. You still have that CHOICE. What they have done is say if you work in these JOBS (education, early childhood centres, the health sector) you need to be vaccinated as you are working with a group of people in NZ who due to their age are not able to have the vaccination or are vulnerable due to ill health or old age.
They are trying to protect our children and elderly and the vulnerable.

If you don't want to have the vaccinations great that is your CHOICE. You aren't going to jail for it. You have the freedom to make that CHOICE What is affected is your ability to work in your CHOOSEN job. So CHOOSE not to have a vaccination and look for a job in another industry. It is your CHOICE.

We teach our children that CHOICES and ACTIONS have consequences but as soon as something like this happens I have been shocked at the number of adults throwing temper tantrums about “it’s not fair”.

I am not sure why everyone feels the need to abuse the government on Facebook when all they are trying to do is protect the majority of NZ.

Would you rather they sat back open the borders completely, remove all restrictions and watch NZers get sick and you not be able to access medical services for any illness apart from Covid because the hospitals and doctors are overrun.

The Government is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

The opposition are in favour of opening the country up and removing all restrictions. I respect your choice not to get the vaccine, I don't respect your choice to be on Facebook and throw abuse at a group of people trying to do their best in a situation we have not had to face previously.

Rant over

21 days ago


Paul from Pukete

There is a irony to the latest posturing by self proclaimed prophet and self ordained bishop Brian Tamaki,,( who if I remember correctly spoke in that video broadcasted ascension of the possibility of becoming Prime Minister, (we await the fulfilment of that prophecy) )

Tamaki's rally got under way this morning in Auckland after he met top police bosses Andrew Coster and Wally Haumaha last week.

The three of us had a Zoom meeting and they recognise it is a part of the Bill of Rights for people to protest," Tamaki said at the time.

The three discussed health and safety measures for the rally.

"We are trying to be responsible, and they said it is something they can't stop. We agreed to cooperate and we will make sure we are Covid responsible."Commissioner Coster asked for masks to be a condition, which I agreed to. It is a small compromise."

There is an underlying arrogance in these statements ...we agreed to cooperate....thus faced with the top cop,,,Brian determines whether he will cooperate or not,,,,its a different experience for those trying to cross the covid borders .....masks to be worn as a condition ,,,,,which I agreed to It is a small compromise,,,,,so bloody magnanimous of you Brian.

"However, that must be weighed against the lawfulness and reasonableness of the protest activity. As we have indicated, gathering for a protest run other than in compliance with the law carries with it the risk of Covid transmission and may lead to enforcement action, including against yourself as an organiser," Coster said

The above statement needs a look,,,,, However, that must be weighed against the lawfulness and reasonableness of the protest activity...is it lawful to protest...yes,,but is it reasonable to protest in a way that places the wider populace at risk,,,a gathering where social distance and mask wearing was not adhered to or able to be controlled by the organiser Brian ...was it ever possible for you to contain them ,,,,or command them ....this rabble ...let have a transcript of the sermon ( Matthew 12:37 For by your words you will be acquitted , and by your words you will be condemned )....from the mount of the fallen warriors ,,,,by those who care little for the ultimate sacrifice paid by them ...its intensely hypocritical for that site to be chosen for this protest....lets examine the profoundness of the proclamations.... that you potentially risked a super spreader consequence for....let the nation know Brian ....we await the utterances of the oracle ....he is not a scientist or a politician by his own admittance,,,.is he the true prophet...

It is laughable if it was not so shameful, and placing us all at risk.