51 days ago

Vehicle Contents: Diomede Glade, Flagstaff

Louis & Elrika from Flagstaff

Be alert. There are petty thieves and opportunists going round at night when they should be asleep like the rest of the world.

The 'good for nothings' are obviously going down the roads trying out the car doors. My wife is usually the good one in locking her car door and I not so but last night, we can only assume that perhaps she'd thought she had locked it or simply pressed the wrong button.

They had rummaged thru the glove compartment and obviously found the garage remote which they stupidly thought might've been my vehicle's remote. They pressed the button which alerted our youngest daughter when the door opened. It also made them run for it fortunately leaving behind the remote. Luckily they only got away with some cheap jewelry.

Be alert!! It could've been worse and they could've been pro's and not petty thieves. And OH!!!! Btw......... still waiting for police to pick up their side of the line once we're thru 'State your Emergency.'

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10 hours ago

Coming soon: Chicago. It’s showtime! *Win

Clarence St Theatre

Chicago, the second longest-running musical in Broadway history, is coming to Hamilton. It is a story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery, and treachery.

Bringing the show to life will be one of New Zealand’s most experienced and talented directors, David Sidwell. He’s assembled a cast of seasoned local performers and musicians who are all itching to get back on stage. He’ll be backed up by Music Director, Nick Braae and Choreographers Sonja McGirr-Garrett and Alexis Holmes.

Chicago opens at Clarence St Theatre on June 25th and runs for two weeks. Tickets are on sale at Ticketek.

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5 days ago

new HCC targeted rate

Geraldine from Frankton

While watching the online council discussions today I learnt that the 5 year targeted 'govt compliance' rate of 4.5% will after the 5 years carry on and be added into the general rate, not come to an end as I had assumed. So 8.9% will then be the baseline for rates increases. The council is getting better and better at hiding the details.

18 hours ago

❤️🐕INFLATABLE RECOVERY COLLARS – Now Available For Your Dogs!🐕‍🦺❤️

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

A couple of weeks ago we brought you 'CoolCollars' which are an the alternative to the awkward plastic head cones. Your pets would go home in one after surgery to prevent them pulling out stitches or licking wounds. CoolCollars are suitable for cats, miniature dogs and some small dogs.

🎉We can now offer you 'Inflatable Recovery Collars' available for dogs of various sizes from small to extra-large. They come in two finishes, a pvc or a plush finish for added comfort!🎉

The benefits to these collars include:

🐕Wipeable, washable and reusable.
🐕‍🦺Far more comfortable, so your pets can eat, drink and sleep in comfort.
🦮Less stressful and bruising to your legs!!

☎️ Give the team a call on 07 8492963 for prices and to make sure the size you require is in stock if you know your puppers will need one sometime soon!☎️

❤️Happy Pet Happy Vet❤️

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