122 days ago

Stick to your bubble, not your couch!

The Team from Red Cross - Waikato Service Centre

Eaten too many bunny-shaped chocolates this weekend? Fed up of Netflix asking if your ‘still watching’? Or just looking for a creative way to keep active in your bubble? Well, we have an idea for you! Join the Red Cross virtual tour of Lake Taupo!

You can run, walk, yoga and even garden your way across the length of Lake Taupo (71km) from the comfort of your own bubble.

To join, you just need to make a minimum donation of $25. This donation helps fund the amazing work New Zealand Red Cross does. We are on the frontline of the COVID-19 response, with 190 of our volunteers working in their communities to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Our Meals on Wheels and migration services have been deemed essential services and are continuing to operate throughout alert level four. And our Restoring Family Links service is supporting families who have lost contact with each other because of the pandemic. Our work supporting people in times of crisis or disasters is more relevant now than ever.

So, whether your rack up steps from running up and down your stairs, or simply walking to-and-from the fridge, have a little fun and join our virtual tour! - www.myvirtualmission.com...

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3 days ago

Table talk and Islam

Mirza from Chartwell

Is Religion ✝️✡️☪️🕉️☸️ a source of conflict or a path to global peace 🌏☮️❓

Come and attend an open discussion at the Hamilton City Libraries (Auaha Meeting Room 1, Level 1) on Saturday 22nd of August, 2020.

#religion #peace #conflict #war #debate #DiscoverIslamNZ

20 hours ago

Are granny flats a good retirement option?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

Hi everyone, I'm Mikaela, a Stuff Homed reporter. We're doing a story on what granny flats are like as a housing option in retirement. For those of you that are either living in a granny flat, or are the family who built/bought a granny flat to add to your property for an elder family member, we'd like to hear about why a granny flat was right for you. What was the process of getting one and learning to live together like? If you're happy to share your story and be featured in the article, please email mikaela.wilkes@stuff.co.nz or let us know in the comments below, your message may be used in our story.

19 hours ago

Recycling: easy as 1, 2, 5

The Team from Hamilton City Council

Sadly, no one offshore wants to buy Kiwis’ used plastics. This means that while we will be collecting plastics 1-7, we’ll now only be recycling plastics 1, 2 and 5.

We’re asking you all to join the movement and try and avoid purchasing products with plastics 3, 4, 6 and 7. More information on this can be found in the link below ⤵️