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Paul from Pukete

After dinner a teacher started checking homework done by her students. Her husband is strolling around with a smart phone playing his favorite game ‘Candy Crush Saga’.
When reading the last homework notes, the wife starts crying with silent tears....

Her husband saw this and asked, ‘Why are you crying dear? What happened?’

Wife: ‘Yesterday I gave homework to my 1st Standard students, to write something on the topic ... 'MY WISH ’

Husband: ‘OK, but why are you crying?’

Wife: ‘Today while checking the last notes, it made me cry.’

Husband curiously: ‘What’s written in the notes that makes you cry?’

Wife: LISTEN......

My wish is to become a smart phone.

My parents love their smart phone very much.

They care about their smart phone so much that sometimes they forget to care for me.

When my father comes from the office tired, he has time for his smart phone but not for me.

When my parents are doing some important work and smart phone is ringing, within single ring they attend the phone, but not to me...

even if I am crying.

They play games on their smart phones not with me.

When they are talking to someone on their smart phone, they never listen to me even if I am telling them something important.

So, MY WISH is to become a smart phone.

After listening to the note my husband got emotional and asked the wife, ‘Who wrote this??’.

Wife: ‘OUR SON ’......

Gadgets are beneficial, but they are for our ease not to cease the love amongst family and loved ones.

Children see and feel everything what happens with & around them. Things get imprinted on their mind with an everlasting effect. Let’s take due care, so that they do not grow with any false impressions...

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Poll: Where would you most like to go once NZ borders open?

Collision Connect

Collision Connect is redefining collision repairs. We are based in both Huntly and Cambridge.

A range of services are available from collision repair and car painting to windscreen repair and replacement. Our qualified team will get you back on the road safely and efficiently, without any mucking around.

Call us now on 0800 799 961.
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Where would you most like to go once NZ borders open?
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Lost female cat name “Cream”

Shelley from Burbush - Rotokauri

Hi all, has anyone lives around Duck Road has seen this cat? It’s my friend’s cat come to my house first night and run away. We have been asked the neighbours around but hasn’t seen her yet. So would like to get help from the neighbours a little bit further distance. My friend said she wonders a lot and knows how to catch mice and birds. If anyone see a cat like this, please give me a call. 021 674 701. Thanks.

20 hours ago

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