40 days ago

Duckling away from its Mum - the Adventures of SuckleDuck

Roselyn from Hamilton East

UPDATE: SuckleDuck is now safe and happy with a kindly neighbour who has fostered ducks for years. Thank you all for your help!

I don’t know if this is some sort of Twelve Days of Christmas gag, but a duckling turned up in our backyard in Hayes Paddock just after 6am, following our cat Suckles like he’s Mum.
I have SuckleDuck in a shoebox, safe from the insatiable curiosity of our other cat Nermie, but what the Quack do I do with a Duckling away from his real Mum?
Advice, please!

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19 hours ago

Red and Blue cars

Debi from Nawton

Good Morning all....
I have noticed that there are a couple of cars the speed up and down Vernall Street.
I have concerns with this as it is a quiet street and kids are often playing by the road edge.
Im not too sure how to approach this...