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Social Anxiety

Dr. Heidi Douglass from Psychological Services and Yoga with Dr. Heidi Douglass

Does SOCIAL ANXIETY make it hard for you to get ahead at work or to create the social life that you want? Do you feel far more comfortable with your cat than with people? Would the idea of trying to socialise without the use of alcohol sound scary to you? Do you fear speaking in front of others for fear of saying something silly or being judged?
I have been treating Social Anxiety for over 20 years. I can teach you effective skills & strategies to calm your body & new ways to think so that social fears no longer stand in your way. No medication is required to treat social fears. Appointments available in Hamilton, Raglan & online. Contact me for a free 10 minute phone consultation 022 012 3781, drheididouglass@gmail.com
Check out my website for more details:

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6 hours ago

Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections?

Kendra Stone Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours - prisoners have expressed that they want to be able to vote in both the general election and local body elections.

They say it would help them feel human and connected to the community, with former prisoner Awatea Mita saying the voting ban is "humiliating and dehumanising".

What do you think? Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections? Read more here

4 hours ago

Hamilton-Akl rail link

Gurbir from Huntington

NZTA has accorded funding approval today. Read here: www.newsviews.co.nz...

4 hours ago

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Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

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