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Depression Skills Workshop

Dr. Heidi Douglass from Psychological Services and Yoga with Dr. Heidi Douglass

I am teaching in Raglan this Wednesday evening 10/7. A few tickets are left for my Depression Skills workshop. Feel free to share with your friends & Whanau.
Would you like to feel more happy & confident? Would you like to feel excited about life again & optimistic about your future? If a suicidal thought visits you, would you like some strategies to better manage it?
It's common to have sadness visit sometimes. However, if you are bothered by sadness, low mood, feeling blue or irritable, more days than not, it might be clinical depression. Depression is so common that the World Health Organization (WHO) says that it will be one of the world's greatest problems by 2020.
Our habits of thinking, and how we label things, has a huge impact on our mood. Our style of thinking can be a fuel for our Depression. So can our lifestyle choices.
I can teach you new ways to think & new lifestyle skills known to help improve mood so that you can start to feel more energetic and happy again. It has been my experience, that most people whom I work with, can resolve Depression without the use of medications.
During our workshop, you will be able to better understand how your mind works, learn specific strategies to decrease Depression symptoms so that you can be on your way to feeling more energetic & positive again.
Confidential, low cost (approx $27 per workshop), one koha seat per workshop, maximum of 11 people only. If you feel shy, you can just listen in. A plant based tea service is included.
Check out Dr. Heidi’s other July workshops in Raglan on Insomnia, Weight Management, & Mindfulness; each workshop sold separately.
Dr. Heidi Douglass is a registered Clinical Psychologist with 35 years of experience in the field. Dr. Heidi helps people feel better WITHOUT the use of medications.
Don’t miss out. Secure your tickets soon on Eventbrite via this link:

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Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections?

Kendra Stone Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours - prisoners have expressed that they want to be able to vote in both the general election and local body elections.

They say it would help them feel human and connected to the community, with former prisoner Awatea Mita saying the voting ban is "humiliating and dehumanising".

What do you think? Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections? Read more here

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Hamilton-Akl rail link

Gurbir from Huntington

NZTA has accorded funding approval today. Read here: www.newsviews.co.nz...

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