79 days ago

Guy Fawkes AGAIN!!!!

Mary from Horsham Downs

Thanks for the warning neighbours, just had to rescue my horses from their paddock after inconsiderate persons once again not letting people in their area know what their plans are to scare innocent animals with such an archaic practice. Please if you are one of these people that must waste your money, let your neighbours know the date and time you intend to do this.

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4 days ago

Poll: National day of action against plastic packaging

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Are you disgusted by the amount of unnecessary plastic packaging for products sold in supermarkets?

We've gotten rid of plastic bags from our supermarkets, but many shoppers reckon that should only be the beginning.

A national day of plastic protest has been organised, encouraging shoppers to unwrap and leave unnecessary plastic packaging behind at supermarkets.

To read more, click here.

Will you be taking part in the national day of action against plastic packaging?

National day of action against plastic packaging
  • 84.9% Yes, there's too much plastic packaging
    84.9% Complete
  • 15.1% No, I don't think it is an issue
    15.1% Complete
3399 votes
7 days ago

Wanted a Electrician

Jenny from Rototuna North

needing on to do some power points and a outside one too
We do not mind someone retried.

if anyone can help please send me some names or ring me on 0274599476

1 hour ago

Host Families

Barbara from Rototuna North

Are you interesting in hosting an international student? Host families are required to host students throughout the year. If you are interested please contact me for further information. Have a great day thanks Barbara.