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Rae from Chartwell

You might recall I posted a few weeks ago about unsolicited calls from overseas numbers that hang up before you answer. The calls were coming from an 0044 (England) and 0061 (Canada) at the time.
Today similar sort of scenario, except the phone barely rang this time (it was sitting beside me, so I know that) before termination from their end.
This time on examination, I see an Auckland number 09 9410480. Phone numbers starting with 9 give you no idea of what area they might be in, think they might be allocated to businesses, not home phones.
As with the other overseas numbers I did not call back as I strongly suspect this is more of the same, you get diverted through an 0900 number or similar which automatically bills you.
So again, beware, because if I hadn't seen for myself how this call was terminated before really even ringing, I might well have called it back.
My advice, which I hope I will take myself, is to not reply to any number that you do not recognise, at all, unless they have left a proper sounding message for you, even then I would be wary, but I doubt they'll do that, as any answered call will cost them.

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Four ways to understand your housing buyer

Lodge Real Estate - City

Knowing who your key buyers are (or will be) and what their needs are can affect the value the Hamilton housing market places on your property. Knowing your buyer also affects how, whether and when you decide to buy, sell or invest.

1. Hamilton Council community profiles
As part of its annual operations, Hamilton Council conducts community surveys to better understand the people and the needs of each of the 11 geographical areas of Hamilton.

2. Hamilton growth indicator reports
Released every quarter, the Hamilton Housing Market and Economy Growth Indicator Reports contain a wealth of information for home sellers—and buyers—to sink their teeth into. In addition to providing a good overview of the Hamilton housing market for the quarter.

3. FigureNZ
Figure NZ pulls data from a host of partner organisations to provide Kiwis with simple, easy to find information on a variety of topics—including property. ABS, Statistics New Zealand, InternetNZ, the New Zealand Treasury, The Department of Internal Affairs and Chorus are just a few of their partners.

4. Your local real estate agent
On top of your own research, it’s always worthwhile getting in touch with your local real estate agent. A good agent will have done their research, are tuned to what local buyers want and can offer unique insights and analysis about their current behaviours—both at a suburb, and sometimes even street level.

Want to make smart, informed moves on the Hamilton property market? Learn everything you need to know about researching your local real estate market with our free guide!
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Are your doctor visits about to get cheaper?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi Waikato,

Are you one of the 600,000 Kiwis soon to receive cheaper access to your doctor? Health was the big winner in Labour's Budget announcement on Thursday. What do you think of Budget 2018? Will you and your family benefit from it? Let us know. To read more, click here.

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