66 days ago


Rae from Chartwell

You might recall I posted a few weeks ago about unsolicited calls from overseas numbers that hang up before you answer. The calls were coming from an 0044 (England) and 0061 (Canada) at the time.
Today similar sort of scenario, except the phone barely rang this time (it was sitting beside me, so I know that) before termination from their end.
This time on examination, I see an Auckland number 09 9410480. Phone numbers starting with 9 give you no idea of what area they might be in, think they might be allocated to businesses, not home phones.
As with the other overseas numbers I did not call back as I strongly suspect this is more of the same, you get diverted through an 0900 number or similar which automatically bills you.
So again, beware, because if I hadn't seen for myself how this call was terminated before really even ringing, I might well have called it back.
My advice, which I hope I will take myself, is to not reply to any number that you do not recognise, at all, unless they have left a proper sounding message for you, even then I would be wary, but I doubt they'll do that, as any answered call will cost them.

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Trudi Neighbourly Lead from Fairview Downs

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Mike from Fairfield

hello Neighbours
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