53 days ago

Ibanez mauled by dogs at home.

Liz from Glenview

Warning this is going to be graphic.
Ibanez up until 1am was my partners best friend, yes Ibanez was our cat. A cat that was unique, he chased cats not birds. He looked after the butterfly's that had broken wings too. Ibanez was 18 years old but still healthy and has lived with us for about half his life here at MacMurdo ave. After going to bed I heard a little noise outside so went to investigate upon opening the door I notice the plants where Ibanez was sleeping were toppled over so moved out further. There part way down the drive were 2 large Tan dogs mauling our cat, I screamed and ran toward them. The larger of the the 2 ran off toward McDonald rd and the other to my horror took off with Ibanez in his mouth. In bare feet I ran after still screaming up MacMurdo ave into forth and around into Colstone. That tan dog didn't let Ibanez go until the middle of the intersection. I bent down in tears and carefully picked him up and carried Ibanez home. I would like to thank the able neighbors that came to help, no one, and the person in the car that slowed then went faster. I you have dogs and know me please keep them away. As for the 2 tan dogs that came onto our property and killed our Ibanez I will find you.

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8 hours ago

Will you be checking out this Frankton festival?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

A one-night-only event in Frankton will showcase the creation of contemporary, collaborative artworks.

It's called Frankton, it's free, and it will feature up-and-coming and estbalished artists "in the process of making and doing".

Read more here. It's on Friday evening - will you be heading down?

9 hours ago

What's On: Brain injury awareness

Wendy from Fitzroy

We are on the move. Our opening is on the 16 March at 8 Keddell street Frankton. Brain injury awareness day is the 20th March .RSVP by the 17 March
Brain injury awareness
  • Brain Injury Waikato
12 hours ago

What's On: "No Exit" Play

Hannah from Silverdale

Thought-provoking psychodrama NO EXIT, which coined the concept that Hell is other people. A depiction of the afterlife that is bound to leave you asking a question or two.
"No Exit" Play
  • The Meteor Theatre