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Do you think these should become car parks?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Abandoned bus stops at a prime central Hamilton location near busy bars and restaurants have sat unused for two and half years, a sight that’s left one regular visitor frustrated at authorities.

The last time a bus stopped at the Victoria St end of Collingwood St was December 2021. Since then, fading yellow lines and no parking signs have warned motorists to not park there unless they want a ticket.

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2 days ago

Save Our Suburbs Meeting.

Margaret Louise from Frankton

Wednesday 17 July 2024 at 6.30pm
Waimarie Community House
at 53 Wellington Street Hamilton East.

Major change has been proposed in two Hamilton council plan changes-called Enabling -
i.e. Intensification ( P/C 12 ) as result of the National policy Statement on Urban Development,
and in Historic Heritage ( P/C 9)
The character and identity of Hamilton’s suburbs will be affected.
HCC have said the existing district plan already allows for sufficient new housing.
Do you know about HUGS (Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy)?
The changes in P/C 12 will affect Hamilton’s suburbs for years to come and will take affect
which includes three storey housing developments and above across new medium and high density
zones of the city with limited resource consent. Recently the proposed rules have been changed
again with heights increased in medium (3 – 5 storeys) and high (26 meters and above)
If you are interested in knowing more or joining with others who have submitted
to these plan changes you are welcome to attend.
In conjunction with:
Waikato Heritage
Hamilton East Advocacy Team (HEAT),
Waimarie Community House &
Frankton East Residents Group

5 days ago

Latest scams to look out for 👀

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Neighbourly hopes to keep you safe by keeping you informed of the latest scams circulating. This week, we are sharing two common text message scams:

NZTA / Waka Kotahi scam:
- The scam is a text message saying it's from New Zealand Transport Agency Waka Kotahi, and it encourages the recipient to pay an overdue road toll by visiting a fake website, threatening to take the matter to court within 15 days if they don’t pay up.
- The aim is to trick people into giving away their personal details or pay them money.
- While it is not the first time toll payments have been utilised by scammers, the threat of court action could see more people fall victim.
- The sender will either be a unknown phone number or unknown email address.
Want to report one of these scams? Do so, on Netsafe

NZ Post scam:
- This scam arrives by test message and says it's from NZ Post.
- The premise is that delivery of your parcel was unsuccessful so in order to rearrange delivery. you must click on a link to give your correct address.
- The aim is to trick people into giving away their personal details or pay them money.
- NZ Post advises people not to click the link, but to report the message to the Department of Internal Affairs by forwarding it to 7726.
Think you may have fallen prey to a scam? Get in touch with Netsafe or contact your bank if it involved your bank details.

Remember, if you didn't expect the message and you are now asked to share personal details or money, then stop contact and seek advice elsewhere.

Feel free to share any below that you've encountered recently. This may help others across the country be aware.

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Poll: Should this business owner have to fix the wall?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

It was built on the property by a neighbour, without consent or the business owner knowing part of it crossed the boundary onto his property.

Hamilton City Council told him to fix the retaining wall, but MBIE has recently overturned the decision.

Do you think he should have to fix it? Tell us why/why not in the comments. Please add NFP if you don't want your comments used in print.

Should this business owner have to fix the wall?
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  • 66.7% No
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