27 days ago

Looking for work.

Livy from Glenview

Good morning everyone.

I'm in need of some help. I have tried every avenue in trying to find a job but nothing has worked out for about a year now. I'm a 25 year old mum, both of my kids are in school and I'm really wanting a job. I have been applying everywhere, and I either don't get a call or I get rejected because I don't have enough experience. I have experience in customer service, child care and I thoroughly enjoy cleaning! I have my own transportation and can work Monday to Friday. I'm desperate to get out of the house and start living for myself again, and provide more for my kids. Please if you know of a job or know someone that could possibly hire me, I would appreciate so much. Thank you 😁

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6 days ago

Found cat! Glenview

Summa from Frankton

Not my post sharing as I saw it on Facebook

3 days ago

David Bennett former MP for Hamilton East.

John from Fairfield

It was a very nice touch to see a lonely David Bennett by himself waving a placard at the Boundary Road bridge which was thanking his supporters with a big smile and a friendly wave. He may have lost his electoral seat last weekend but has been generous in saying thank you for the support given to him at this time. This was nice to see.

3 days ago

power prices

Wendy from Maeroa

last week i received an email from trustpower saying that the govt had set up an electricity price review which recommended the removal of the 15% discount for prompt payment. Then they said they have/will adjust the unit prices so we pay about the same. BUT today I have another email saying that gas prices charges for the property are going to rise by 16c/ day. Looks suspiciously like a work around to increase prices ! Has anyone else had similar info coming to them?