134 days ago

Mask wearing

Rae from Chartwell

This one goes out to the not inconsiderable number of people in places where masks are required, wearing them incorrectly, ie not covering their noses.
Please note, pretty much everyone does not particularly like having to wear a mask, but we do it, and we definitely have a good deal of sympathy for those serving us who have to keep them on for their entire shift whereas we are probably in their place of business less than half an hour.
At the very, very least would you please show a bit of respect for those behind the counter and wear your mask correctly.
Don't think because no-one pulls you up, that no-one wants to, I know I have to bite my tongue.

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6 days ago

Redlid Garden Bins & Bags

Grant Wilson from Red Lid Garden Bins & Bags and Redlid Skips

Redlid Garden Bins & Bags collect green waste in your area every week. You can have a regular collection cycle which you can change between at anytime. We offer weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly and 8 weekly options. Please contact us www.redlid.co.nz... or 07 834 0191

6 hours ago

Become a youth mentor today!

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato

The process is simple... head to the link below, read the information pack provided and register your interest!
What are you waiting for? Make a difference and help rangatahi reach their potential - become a mentor today! 💚

8 hours ago

TASTER Art Workshops Term 2 continuing

Sylvie Bolstad from ARTMAKERS Community Artists Trust

Come and join one of our Taster Workshops, offered in x 8 different topics over the Term and choose from 3 different timeslots each week. The topics focus on different media each week and include: Week 1. Drawing / Week 2. Acrylic Paint / Week 3. Watercolour/ Week 4. Ink and Wash Illustration / Week 5. Mixed Media / 6. Week 6. Paper Sculpture / Week 7. Design and Pattern / Week 8. Your choice !! Choose one or multiple Tasters. Or join one of our Full Term classes - great value and high quality.