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Kathleen from Dinsdale

Calling all nearby residents to be vigilant in the hopes of catching a repetitive intruder of 2 Marama Street.
This low life jumps fences from the cycle way that runs parallel to the back of properties on Marama Street and the Railway line. They have wrenched the gate and broken the fence, entered the property and broken off doors to sheds and pet houses. A fire was lit behind this property and put out by the fire brigade. 2 pet cats have disappeard without a trace.
The occupants, one of whom is very elderly and vunerable, are long standing residents who have done nothing to provoke these vandals. Needless to say, their health and safety is being compromised by criminal intruders into their own property. If anyone sees, hears, any suspicious activity around this property, or finds a white or tabby cat please phone 022 6224762 or the police. Thank You.

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We Say/You Say: Anzac Day

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi Hamilton,

How are you commemorating Anzac Day? What stories have been passed down through your whānau?

April 25 marks the 106-year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, one of the most costly campaigns for the Allied Forces during World War I.

Anzac dawn and commemorative services up and down the country are scheduled to get underway after widespread cancellations last year, due to the nation being under Alert Level 4 restrictions.

The NZDF have advised of a reduced presence of military personnel at Anzac services due to deployment at MIQ facilities.

You can check out where the Anzac day services are on this interactive map on the RSA website.

Feel free and share your stories below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comments used in the Hamilton Press.

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❤️Happy Administrative Professionals Day❤️

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

When you phone, email or come into our clinic your first port of call are our amazing reception team, who go above and beyond any requests you have, to make yours and your companion pets experience with us the best.

This incredible team are led by Michelle who has worked for Hamilton Small Animal Vet Centre for over 14 years. From liaising between vets and clients to keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently, we can't thank you all enough!

There is also a lot of administration that goes on behind the scenes, from accounts, social media, practice manger to the VRS admin team.

Today is a day to officially thank you, for all you do, your hard work and dedication to Hamilton Small Animal Vets and our wonderful clients!

❤️Happy Administrative Professionals Day 2021❤️
Morning Tea on The House!!


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The team from EnergySmart - Waikato

We currently have funding available for a heat pump subsidy that gives you 90% OFF (Capped at $3,000).