45 days ago

Duckling away from its Mum - the Adventures of SuckleDuck

Roselyn from Hamilton East

UPDATE: SuckleDuck is now safe and happy with a kindly neighbour who has fostered ducks for years. Thank you all for your help!

I don’t know if this is some sort of Twelve Days of Christmas gag, but a duckling turned up in our backyard in Hayes Paddock just after 6am, following our cat Suckles like he’s Mum.
I have SuckleDuck in a shoebox, safe from the insatiable curiosity of our other cat Nermie, but what the Quack do I do with a Duckling away from his real Mum?
Advice, please!

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10 hours ago

Have you ever had a long surgery?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

The longest operation at Waikato Hospital last year lasted 18-and-a-half hours.
Long, complex operations like this are planned weeks - maybe even months - in advance, experts say.
Read more here. Have you ever had a long surgery?

1 day ago

$10 Whiteware pickup/disposal service - every weekend

Charlie from Saint Andrews

$10 Whiteware pickup/disposal - Every Weekend
For the small cost of $10 per item, -- Text 0220447008 or PM us
We pickup for $10 Fridges/freezers, Washing machines, dishwasher,oven, stoves,, dryers &exercise equipment
This is for Hamilton City, but please ask if further, may travel for a fee
** Items be left outside if nobody likely to be home**
Text / Call 0220447008 or PM us Less

10 hours ago


Todd from Hillcrest

EarthDiverse announces Term 1 Language classes (Hindi, Urdu, Hebrew), a course on Religious Fundamentalism & Extremism, and other classes beginning week of Monday 10 February. More info: www.earthdiverse.org.nz/classes
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