33 days ago

My Local Like

Natalie from Dinsdale

Our new neighbourhood Local Indian restaurant Sheetal on Elliott Rd ( where previously the hairdressers shop was for many years ) Dine in comfortable surrounds or takeaways - Pleasant helpful staff/owners - BYO licence pending
Food great - recommend for freshness taste and value - Try them 😋

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8 hours ago

Surviving on Struggle Street

Paul from Pukete

Lockdown driving your crazy, money tight, turning to trade me and the likes to find Christmas presents

Do you want to win every auction with out blowing your budget, Spend within your limits. sell all that junk in your garage hooked on that new TV program called Space Invaders where they help people completely declutter their house and make money doing it

here is a tool to help you check it out www.bidbud.co.nz...

enjoy Nb check my Facebook page SURVIVORS ON STRUGGLE STREET
hope it helps in a small way ,we are all this together ,

9 hours ago

No words needed

Paul from Pukete

Well ?

19 hours ago

How Vedic Meditation Changed My Life

Naturally Healthy

Have you ever tried meditation? 🧘🏼 ⠀

Studies have shown that it can help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, promote a more restive sleep, and be beneficial to your overall health. 🤸 ⠀

You can meditate anywhere in your home, but today I’d love to invite you to bring your meditation practice into the open air. ⛅️ ⠀
Soak up the sounds of chirping birds, nature‘s noises and gentle breezes. 🐦 ⠀

Whether you have a garden, patio, or balcony, why not set up a little space to practice? 🕯 ⠀

I’ve been doing Vedic meditation everyday for the past 12 months and have noticed a big difference.