24 days ago

Hosta - Shade Perennial

Pat from Riverlea

This hosta is consistently number one in the popularity polls and for good reason.
Forms a perfect mound of gold leaves with a wide blue-green margin.
There is a third lighter green color between the margin and center of the leaf that often streaks to the midrib.
Best color comes from siting this hosta in some bright morning sun. The leaf center will turn lime-green if sited in deep shade.
It will look good until the first frost in fall.
Graced with pale lavender flowers.

Price: $14

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1 hour ago

What's On: The Improv Show Before Christmas

Hannah from Silverdale

A mixed assortment of 6 improvisers unwrap a series of surprise scenes with a festive season spin. Classic tales reimagined and all created on the fly by the performers.
The Improv Show Before Christmas
  • The Meteor Theatre
1 day ago

Person to fix Washng Machine

Dianne from Hamilton East

Would anybody know of someone who can fix washing machines for a reasonable price. Quite prepared to pay a reasonable amount but $85 for half an hour, which I was quoted is just too much.
My dirty washing would much appreciate any suggestions :)

3 days ago

Our beloved Municipal Pools

Dianne from Hamilton East

Today, I happened to glance at a copy of Waikato Times and lo and behold, most of the front page was dedicated to council declaring what a wonderful vista it will be when the 'derelict' municipal pools are demolished. I was astounded. I am almost certain that supporters of the revitalisation of the pools have never been given the same space and privilege of being on the Front Page. Where is the fair play here? The impartiality ? These pools have been with us for over 100 years, and are one, if not the only concrete outside pool, of its type in New Zealand. They have been the making of many memories for thousands of Hamiltonians and others over the years and yet The Waikato Times and other media sources have chosen to give very little support to the pools. Please people email council, even now at the 11th hour, your voice, our voices could make the difference!