139 days ago

Mask wearing

Rae from Chartwell

This one goes out to the not inconsiderable number of people in places where masks are required, wearing them incorrectly, ie not covering their noses.
Please note, pretty much everyone does not particularly like having to wear a mask, but we do it, and we definitely have a good deal of sympathy for those serving us who have to keep them on for their entire shift whereas we are probably in their place of business less than half an hour.
At the very, very least would you please show a bit of respect for those behind the counter and wear your mask correctly.
Don't think because no-one pulls you up, that no-one wants to, I know I have to bite my tongue.

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10 hours ago

The Velvet Queen

Dianne from Hamilton East

If you enjoy going to the movies, especially at the Lido here in Hamilton (which is so convivial) - and you love animals, photography and exotic places, then the Velvet Queen is a movie you must not miss

It is absolutely, hands down the most beautifully photographed documentary I have ever seen. It is of the quest to film the Tibetan Snow Leopard (once upon a time thought to be extinct)
The scenery is unbelievable, and very rarely photographed, the animals exquisite and the comments/poetry that quietly accompanies the two men while they film, is just beautiful.
It truly is a doorway into a pristine world, unfettered by humans, free of noxious fumes, but full of the power of nature, in harmony with the animals that depend on its extreme conditions to survive

11 hours ago

What's On: Altrusa of Hamilton - amended

Jane from Huntington

meets on the second Tuesday of the monthfrom 5.30pm for dinner and meeting. Contact Jenny on hamilton@altrusa.org.nz.
Altrusa of Hamilton - amended
  • Working Men's Club
19 hours ago


Claire from Hamilton East

Amazing show at Riverlea theatre. Blood Brothers performed by a fantastic cast. Congratulations to them all.