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Poll: Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?

The team from

Guy Fawkes is coming up on November 5, with fireworks going on sale next weekend.

Are you looking forward to fireworks displays? Will you be buying your own to let off?

Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?
  • 7.8% Yes - I'll be buying fireworks
    7.8% Complete
  • 75% No - I think fireworks should be banned
    75% Complete
  • 17.2% Yes - But I'm not planning on buying fireworks
    17.2% Complete
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16 hours ago

Billion dollar 'sweet spot'

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Morning neighbours,

A number of significant infrastructure projects in and around Hamilton are aligning to deliver a massive boost to the city and region.

Hamilton East list MP Jamie Strange even predicted the city will overtake both Wellington and Christchurch to become the country's second biggest city in 30 years.

Dallas Fisher, chair of regional economic development agency Te Waka, said he knew of one major Waikato construction company that had 37 projects in the works.

The region is "ready to pop".

What's your view on all the development coming our way? How do you think it will affect your daily life? Read more here

6 hours ago

Raw chocolate slice recipe

Health 2000 Te Awa (The Base)

You won’t be disappointed with these delicious raw chocolate slices! They’re easy to make, plus they're gluten and dairy free making them a great treat suitable for the whole family.