39 days ago

Equity vs Covid

Paul from Pukete

Equity means equality of outcome.

The reason the concept of equity resonates with people in the West today is because it accords with our desires for every one to be treated fairly and equally.

We are naturally cynical when someone professes a belief in a virtue but then fails to put that belief into practice in their own life. The idea of judging a person by their actions rather than by their words has longstanding merit for this reason­.
Why should one demand all others provide them with the means to achieve equal outcomes, without first redistributing their own wealth equally to the individuals in their own to show their own, unequivocal commitment to equity? Where is the equity in that? 

Just as the individuals that demand preferential treatment with the covid vaccination fail to participate fully when it is freely offered

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31 minutes ago

d and d contractors

Bernice from Claudelands

hi there back in march i asked on here for reccomendation for cutting olive trees and was given the name and number of d and d contrators.they came and did the job. i need to contact them again and for the life of cannot find their details anywhere. Can anyone help? cheers :)

3 hours ago

How Vedic Meditation Changed My Life

Naturally Healthy

Have you ever tried meditation? 🧘🏼 ⠀

Studies have shown that it can help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, promote a more restive sleep, and be beneficial to your overall health. 🤸 ⠀

You can meditate anywhere in your home, but today I’d love to invite you to bring your meditation practice into the open air. ⛅️ ⠀
Soak up the sounds of chirping birds, nature‘s noises and gentle breezes. 🐦 ⠀

Whether you have a garden, patio, or balcony, why not set up a little space to practice? 🕯 ⠀

I’ve been doing Vedic meditation everyday for the past 12 months and have noticed a big difference.

6 hours ago

Addictive Eaters Anonymous

The Team from Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Hamilton

I Felt Depressed, Lonely, and Tearful

Addictive Eaters Anonymous (AEA) is a Twelve Step fellowship based on Alcoholics Anonymous. AEA members have found recovery from binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, other forms of addictive eating and compulsive exercise. These podcasts are a series of audio recordings of members sharing their experience, strength and hope. Wherever you are, whatever your problem with food, AEA can help: www.addictiveeatersanonymous.org...