66 days ago

WEAVE Cultural Market 2019

Community Activator from Red Cross - Waikato Service Centre

This year's WEAVE Cultural Market will be on the 6th of December in Garden Place from 4pm till 8pm. Come along and enjoy ethnic food, crafts, cultural performances and other entertainments, celebrating the diversity of our former refugee and migrant communities.

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3 hours ago

Smoke bomb photoshoot

Desmond Neighbourly Lead from Dinsdale

I'm not too keen on the loud fireworks but must say I do enjoy the coloured smoke bombs available during Guy Fawkes season. yesterday we did a photoshoot at Bremworth park and the smoke effects from an insect fogger filled with glycerin also add to the mood. I'm even considering offering it as a service for wedding shoots - turn up for an hour or two, make some smoke for some "special photos" and video it :)

3 days ago

Wanting good home/homes for cute kittens

Allister from Fairfield

Hi, we are looking for friendly loving homes for these cute little kittens. They are 3 month's old fully toilet tranined, have been wormed and deflead. The mother still likes to nurse them, however she is getting speyed next week, so we're thinking this may stop. They eat both dry and soft foods.