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Poll: What do you want to see from us?

Health 2000 Te Awa (The Base)

Happy Monday neighbours!
We're new here to neighbourly and we're keen to know what kind of content you want to see from us. Let us know below so that we can make sure we're posting something you're interested in.

What do you want to see from us?
  • 20% Expert advice
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  • 10% Educational blogs & articles
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  • 40% Healthy recipes
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  • 10% Lifestyle tips
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  • 15% Specials & deals
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  • 5% Something else entirely - let us know in the comments section below!
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20 votes
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2 hours ago

What's On: Whats' On: Hamilton Blues Society

Hamilton from Enderley

Second Thursday of the month from 7-10:30pm Biddy's back bar - Blues Night. Gold coin donation, many musicians and bands, child friendly, raffles and prizes. Check Facebook for more.
Whats' On: Hamilton Blues Society
  • Biddy Mulligan's Irish Pub
5 days ago

Our kids can't escape advertising - What should be done?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Our children are being exposed to an average of 46 ads for unhealthy products every day (27 junk food, 12 alcohol, and seven gambling).

These things are the leading causes of cancer, obesity, diabetes, mental illness and many social harms.

Should our Government be doing more to protect our children from this advertising? What should be done?

21 hours ago

Join Gen Less

Gen Less

They all had their defining moments. Climate change is ours.
Join Gen Less, and live more with less energy. #GenLess
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