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Low Cost July Workshop Series

Dr. Heidi Douglass from Psychological Services and Yoga with Dr. Heidi Douglass

I am offering 5 workshops in Raglan this July. Please share with your friends & family by the sea. Why?
Because New Zealand has a significant Mental Health Crisis on its hands. There are long wait times for free services, we have one of the highest rates of teen suicides in the developed world and there is an unhealthy emphasis on the use of medications when less invasive talk therapy can provide excellent results for our most common mental health issues.
I am offering a low-cost workshop series based in Raglan to try and do my part to help alleviate suffering in my community.
Please share this post to help spread the word.
Each workshop sold separately. Come along to 1 or purchase as many as you like. Check out the topics below. Obtain full workshop details & secure your ticket on Eventbrite: www.eventbrite.co.nz...
Dr. Heidi Douglass is a registered Clinical Psychologist with 35 years of experience in the field of Psychology. Her primary areas of expertise are evidence-based treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Weight Management, Overeating / Bulimia and Mindfulness Training. Dr. Heidi helps people with mental health concerns WITHOUT the use of medications.
Session1 3/7/19 Anxiety Skills
Session 2 10/7/19 Depression Skills
Session 3 17/7/19 Sleep / Insomnia Skills
Session 4 24/7/19 Science Based Weight Management
Session 5 31/7/19 Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation.
Pre-booking via Eventbrite required. Space is limited to 10 people per workshop. The fee is approximately $27 per workshop. There is one koha seat per workshop.


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