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Volunteer opportunity in Buller

Kelsey Moffatt from Inspiring the Future - West Coast

Inspiring the Future is a programme where volunteers go into schools and talk about their jobs and their pathways.

The aim is to broaden young people's horizons about the world of work and how many different jobs there are out there that they could do. The programme is based on some research that shows that young people don't know about many jobs, and that stereotypes also hold them back from thinking they can do certain jobs (because of their gender etc).

Buller High School is looking to hold a couple of events in November and we need some more volunteers to sign-up for these events to happen. Anyone, in any job can sign up - please don't assume your job is 'boring'!

The people that have done it so far have loved it, and we provide resources to help you prepare - including tips from other volunteers. And it is only a few hours of your time.

Let us know if you can help out and to find out more about the programme go to inspiringthefuture.org.nz

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New walking track and swingbridge mooted for Reefton

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

From local democracy reporter Lois Williams:
A new walking and cycling track between Reefton and Blacks Point is on the cards at last, according to Inangahua Community Board chairman John Bougen.

The proposed track would follow the line of the water race being built and restored by the Reefton Powerhouse Trust, along the west bank of the Inangahua River, Bougen told the board meeting this week.

"There's been considerable talk in the past about a swingbridge to be built at Blacks Point which would then enable people to go into town on the Powerhouse Walk, or come from the [town end] swingbridge, which is about to have a new ramp on it."

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) had listened to the council and people who wanted a safer way of walking between Reefton and Blacks Point, he said.

"That would be a lovely walk and connect with some of the other walks in the area so you could do a circuit without having to go on the main road, which is actually really hairy when [cyclists and walkers] are coming in that way."

The council was now looking favourably on the idea of taking ownership of the new swingbridge that would be needed at the Blacks Point end of the walk, Bougen said.

"That is the one thing that has been holding this project back, so if that could happen, it would be a fitting end to my time on council and it would make the people of Blacks Point very happy."

NZTA was also looking at reducing the speed limit through Blacks Point, probably to 60kmh, with an 80kmh limit on the remaining stretch into Reefton, he said.

The board chairman is not planning to stand again for the Buller District Council in next year's local body elections.

15 hours ago

Busting the Common myths on creating a will

Public Trust

Stewart Harvey, Principal Trustee at Public Trust Waikato, says "seizing the moment" is essential so things aren't left to chance - and it's easier than you think. Stewart had a chat with Stuff.co.nz recently, check out the article in the link below.