30 days ago

Honey + Honey Products For Sale at Family Friendly Prices

Neil from Halswell

Delicious new products - Blackcurrant & Honey and Blackcurrant and Honey Concentrate.

We have taken our hero of honeys, Beechwood Honey Dew with all of it’s wonderful properties and combined it with the juice of Blackcurrants – it is a taste sensation!

There are 2 great options:

1. Blackcurrant & Honey ($15.00 for 375gm) – great for spreading on your toast, crumpets, drizzling over porridge, ice cream, waffles, pancakes, adding to your smoothies for a real taste hit, add boiling water for a delicious fruit drink or my personal favourite – the jar and a spoon!

Ingredients: Pure Canterbury Beechwood Honey Dew, Canterbury Blackcurrant Concentrate, Fructose Sugar (1.9%)

2. Blackcurrant & Honey Concentrate ($15.00 for 300ml) – just add water, hot or cold to taste. This is perfect for refreshing drinks, a topping over your ice cream, in smoothies, desserts, over your breakfast cereal or freezing for ice blocks for the kids. Add hot water for a delicious fruit drink - yum!

The products have been tremendously popular at markets and we often sell out at these events.


100% NATURAL 100% RAW 100% PURE 100% KIWI.

To place an order or for more information please contact Neil on 322-1998 / 027 2886859


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Water restrictions for Christchurch to protect firefighting supplies

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Water restrictions have been introduced in Christchurch to ensure there are enough supplies to fight fires.

The ban, the lowest of four levels, means water cannot be used outside between 3pm and 9pm, with use of hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems allowed only on alternate days.

People living at odd-numbered addresses should water gardens on odd dates, even-numbered houses on even dates.

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Blackboy peaches

Bev from Somerfield

Wanting to buy Black Boy peaches when the are ready

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Room for rent

Jennifer from Hoon Hay

Large room for rent in Hoon Hay!

You will be living with 2 females (age 26) and 1 toddler (age 3)
$200 per week includes power and internet, has wardrobe. Can be furnished if needed.
Is on a bus route and plenty of parking on the property for a vehicle.
The house is fully fenced with a garage, large backyard and vege garden!
Looking for someone that will fit in really well with myself, my friend & my daughter.
The room will be available end of March