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Happy Friday Neighbourhood Supporters! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘‹

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

It's a bit of wet one out there across most of the country, so make sure to drive to conditions and stay extra alert on our roads.


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14 hours ago

Poll: Should horse racing be banned?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The Melbourne Cup can be seen as an excuse for people to dress to the nines and get so drunk that they often miss seeing the races.

The physical and psychological pain these horses suffer is immense, with the movement against horse racing growing as animal welfare advocates call for change. What do you think? Should horse racing be banned? Vote in the poll below.

Should horse racing be banned?
  • 30.6% Definitely - itโ€™s inhumane
    30.6% Complete
  • 14.2% No - itโ€™s a bit of harmless fun
    14.2% Complete
  • 3.7% I donโ€™t have an opinion
    3.7% Complete
  • 51.6% Only for those found guilty of abuse
    51.6% Complete
1109 votes
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Know a helping hander?

Countdown Supermarkets

Every Countdown store in New Zealand is giving away a $500 Countdown Gift Card to a local hero. Nominate here

2 days ago

Challenge the unspoken rules

White Ribbon

A challenge facing too many young men is the sense that they have to live up to the unspoken rules of masculinity โ€“ clichรฉs such as โ€œboys donโ€™t cryโ€ and โ€œtoughen upโ€.

White Ribbon encourages everyone to challenge the unspoken rules, so we can let boys and young men enjoy their individuality and define themselves as men who have respectful relationships with themselves and their partners โ€“ creating happier, healthier communities for us all.
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