54 days ago

My Local Like

Pauline from Shannon

A big shout out to the HLC restaurant/Cafe Trainors who make it possible (during graduates training) for the average Joe and Jill Bloggs to enjoy a fine dining and 5* star service experience, all at an affordable price. Staff are always striving to be the best in their respective roles, the Chefs are amazingly talented and the HLC Restaurant deserves to be congratulated on their consistently high standards and achievements.

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1 day ago

Heuchera Black-Taffeta_0018-1:

Paul from Levin

I ended up with a tree stump in my front lawn, so I made a hole in it and looked for something to fill it with. I'd never heard of a Heuchera before. It looked like it might enjoy the hole so I chose it. Here is the result. The flowers are smaller than a grain of rice. (Enlarge for a much better view.)

1 day ago

Pioneering a new way to live in retirement

Julia Wallace Retirement Village

When you choose a Ryman village, you’re free to do more of the things you love. Free to live life your way, secure in the knowledge that help’s here if you need it.

You can embrace today. Without worrying about the lawns, or the rates. It’s another example of how we’re pioneering retirement living.

1 day ago

This Is The One That Counts!

Jacinta from Levin

Dear people - in tiny writing on page 39 of last week's Chronicle the council outlined it's consultation process for closing the Landfill. This is the one that counts....because after so many years of meetings, consultations, submissions, court actions, surveys, petitions, attempts at restorative justice....we finally have a council that is prepared take the right environmentally-conscious action and close the landfill which is polluting local waterways, soil and air. If you're kind of 'over ' this business of the boring old landfill please just do this one final thing in support of the eco-warriors that have fought this long, hard battle to get the landfill closed. Email the council at landfill@horowhenua.govt.nz and say that you support the closure of the landfill at the earliest possible time which will be 2022. Closing the landfill is inevitable because landfill technology contributes to harming the planet. But we can't afford delays. As a community we must re-purpose our waste and closing the landfill ensures that we start thinking along the right lines to make the changes that are needed. There's other ways to give feedback but this one will take you about a minute. Please.