61 days ago

Food Together delivering fruit and veges in Palmy

Kathriona from Awapuni

As the local vege hub (Food Together Awapuni) at St Matthews can't be open at present Food Together in Auckland are delivering boxes of fresh fruit and veges each Thursday in Palmerston North to your door. You need to order and pay online at foodtogether.co.nz by midday on Tuesday for Thursday delivery. There are different size orders ans the contents are listed each week and depend on what is best value and available.

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2 days ago

english only sign taken down from auckland cafe

tina from Levin

apparently it was racist asking their staff to all speak English in the kitchen area, so that means all countries are racist as all pilots and control tower operators must speak English while doing their job, for a simple safety reason everyone understands the first report, imagine a mayday in the pilots native tongue, lets Korea going to a control tower person in Russia that can only speak Russian I'm sure you can all figure that scenario out

26 days ago

Washing Machines and Electric Stoves

Wayne from Levin

Hi Neighbours! I would like to buy for parts or repair, Fisher & Paykel or Elba Smartdrive washing machines with the lockdown lids, going or not; and white electric ranges especially F&P, Elba, Westinghouse, and the more recent Simpsons. Happy to pay reasonable cash prices, and able to pickup in the Horowhenua. Price offered will depend upon age and condition. Please Txt me on 021 039 1890

8 hours ago

history of nz pension were I fit

tina from Levin

I am looking forward to my pension only 3 years away, however were we are as a country today re covid I really don't know if the government will be able to afford it, and I am not out there taking work from the younger people that if they are employed good for them will pay the tax towards my pension, however I have over the past employed many people and probably that tax would cover me until I lived to 110 so were I fit, well I am a young 62 year old woman very self reliant and worry about the next generation what is out there for them, it's not climate change anymore that is the problem, its work