5 days ago

Faith mail

Elaine from Milson

Omg today second letter jehovahs witness are they now doing mail now must cost abit writting these letters and putting in letterbox

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2 hours ago

Have you heard of Ground Moisture Barrier?

The team from EnergySmart - Palmerston North

Ground Moisture Barrier is a polythene sheet that covers the ground under your house and acts as a cap to rising dampness. This helps reduce condensation and mould, meaning your home is drier and easier to heat!

We have assessors who can come and look under your house to see if Ground Moisture Barrier is a good option for your home! Call 0800 777 111 to book your free assessment today 🏠

7 hours ago


NumberWorks'nWords Palmerston North

Homophones can be confusing! But learning word meanings can help prevent spelling mistakes. What homophones can you think of?