42 days ago

Food prices

Quinton from Milson

I remember pre covid, things like bacon cost 15 bucks a kg or 17 bucks max....now its more like 20 bucks...

Fuel prices are not higher and if fuel drops should food drop too?

I think the supermarkets are raking in the smackaroos...all whilst we as a nation spend more money in the country...and having a bigger population due to returning kiwis...

If our lamb is cheaper overseas why so high here?

I bought 1kg of frozen chicken tenders pre lockdown for 9 bucks....went and got some yesterday and all of a sudden 950grams for 15 bucks???? Tegel...you ripping us off!

Have a look at your food you buy...quantity and price...very sneaky method of raking in the millions!

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1 day ago

Ambulance fees

Val from Milson

Ambulances are free in Wellington ( due to a trust) but not here.
So why do we have to have a charity to fill this essential need.
St. Johns need to have public donations to survive. Should this not be covered by the government?

12 days ago

Tree pruning

Jack from BlackJack Trees

My name is Jack and I have made this small tree business as ‘side hustle’ to my full time job as an apprentice arborist, working for 1-2 Tree Services. I think doing my own tree work on a part time basis will compliment my apprenticeship training, and as the old saying goes; “If your good at something never do it for free”.

Unlike other large and well established tree companies, I unfortunately don’t have all the fancy machinery and equipment available at my disposal (such as a wood chipper) so my ability to remove waste from properties could be a problem for some. Fortunately I do have the basic tools for pruning such as a small chainsaw and a pole pruner. I also own proper tree climbing equipment, which I know how to use to safely work at heights.

Services I provide are:

-Crown reduction
-Crown lifting
-Crown thinning
-Crown cleaning (dead,diseased,dying)
- Hedge trimming
-Drone and cat rescue

I am choosing not provide tree removal as a service because I do not have the skills and experience in that type of work right now. Depending on the size of the tree and it’s condition, it can be extremely dangerous. I suggest contacting 1-2 Tree Services for tree removals and more risky pruning jobs.

Please contact me through email or phone for a free quote.

7 hours ago

Here it is!

Santa in the Suburbs

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