33 days ago

Support a Kiwi dad this Father's Day

Julia de Ruiter from The Salvation Army NZ

Father's Day is just around the corner and for many Kiwi dads, getting a treat isn't an option due to the family's limited disposable income or being a solo dad. You can make Father's Day go further by donating a Father's Bundle to a Kiwi family for only $19.

At this time of year, we want to acknowledge all the dads in New Zealand who work hard to provide for their families - particularly the families who can't make ends meet. So, we created a bundle of goodies that these Kiwi dads will love! The bundle has some chicken, a chunky soup, an apple pie for the family to share, plus a chocolate bar (just for Dad)!

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1 day ago

WATCH: How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

The Team from Play Stuff

Play Stuff Short Doco: When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift – by saving the almighty kumara. Watch now

3 days ago


Caroline from Feilding

Dear Neighbors I would be interested to know whether you think having a property next to a recycling center would devalue your property? Glass recycling bins were placed next to my boundary fence which terrified my livestock. Mayor Helen Worboys response to my complaint was "Well no one wants to have a recycling center next to them". I now have to wear earmuffs when outside due to the glass breaking several times a day (even on xmas day). Then there is the truck that is there for an hour with hydraulics banging the bins that collect the cardboard etc. It has caused me much distress and greatly affected my quality of life. So please neighbors what do you think? Would you want to live next to this and if you did purchase land next to a recycling center would you want it for cheap? Thanks

11 hours ago

Congratualtion Manawatū Achievers

The Team from Manawatu District Council

Every year Council supports residents who have been selected to represent the district or the country in sport, arts or culture to attend events or competitions. During the last year we have proud to have supported 41 individuals or organisations to pursue their goals and last night we recognised 15 of the Representative Grant recipients for achieving a top 3 place in their field.
Congratulations to Bailey Jeffery, Sandra Sneddon, Connor BackHouse, Feilding High School Tennis Team, Feilding High School Girls Hockey Team, Libby Sheppard, Sharron Dagg, William Wood, Manchester Street School Robotics Team, Nusipepe Moafili, Corey Perret, Danielle Hallett and Grace Hallett