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Jacqueline from Cheltenham

Count down staff worked tirelessly threw out lockdown all kept a smile on even though they were so tired and had to watch greedy people taking massive amounts of products which was so unnecessary. The shop was kept clean and ran smoothly thank you everyone.

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Favourite discoveries on NZ travels

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your discoveries on your recent travels around New Zealand. Were there any small towns, activities or attractions that surprised you, for better or for worse? Did you come across any lesser-know spots you think more Kiwis should check out? Which small towns do you think deserve more visitors than they get? Please remember your comment may be included in an article unless you state that you don't want it to be. Cheers.

18 hours ago

Poll: Lower speed limits on the horizon for Pahīatua track

Maxine Jacobs Reporter from

Mōrena kiritata,

The Palmerston North City Council is proposing lower speed limits on the Pahīatua track and other roads throughout the city.

There were 37 crashed on the track between 2014 and 2018, and surveys show most people driving the route already slow to an average 72 kmh even with the 100kmh speed limit.

The council is considering bringing the speed down to 80kmh.

Proposals for speed reductions on the track and other roads the council is looking at for are out for public consultation until September 4.

Do you think the speed limit on the Pahīatua Track is too high?

Lower speed limits on the horizon for Pahīatua track
  • 55.7% Yes, 80kmh is a reasonable speed
    55.7% Complete
  • 23.4% No, keep the speed at 100kmh
    23.4% Complete
  • 21% It needs to be 60kmh like the Saddle Rd
    21% Complete
167 votes