36 days ago


Lyn from Kelvin Grove

New supply of 200 litre barrels.

The uses are endless such as: collection of rainwater...always good for the garden or as emergency water if ever needed. Kindergartens have already brought for this very reason, as part of their Be Ready Kit.
Can be used as containers for flower/vegetable gardens.

Can be used as storage containers and has even be brought to be used as a dogs bed.....the uses are as big as your imagination! Prices for these are $30 untapped $65 tapped


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Poll: Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Guy Fawkes is coming up on November 5, with fireworks going on sale next weekend.

Are you looking forward to fireworks displays? Will you be buying your own to let off?

Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?
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Poll: Growing food in school.

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Should this be part of your child's school curriculum?

Growing food in school.
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