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Mowing services

Dougal from Slopemowing Greater Wellington

It's been a great season for growing grass. Have you got a section, paddock or lifestyle block that's got away from you? Small or large, flat or not, give me a call and I can get it sorted for you.

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Know a helping hander?

Countdown Supermarkets

Every Countdown store in New Zealand is giving away a $500 Countdown Gift Card to a local hero. Nominate here

12 days ago

Poll: How prepared are you for a quake and tsunami?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

About 1000 deaths, thousands of injuries and extensive destruction from Wellington up the east coast of the North Island - this will be the result of a tsunami triggered by an 8.9 earthquake in the Hikurangi subduction zone under a scenario presented by GNS Science.
The scenario, in a report prepared for the purpose of developing a response plan, is considered serious and credible, but comes with the obvious caveat that there is no way of telling what any earthquake or tsunami would look like. How prepared are you for a quake and tsunami?

How prepared are you for a quake and tsunami?
  • 13.5% I'm fully prepared
    13.5% Complete
  • 50.8% I'm kind of prepared
    50.8% Complete
  • 27.8% I'm not prepared at all
    27.8% Complete
  • 7.8% I don't care
    7.8% Complete
791 votes
15 hours ago

Do you want to spend weekends looking at numbers?

Erin from Blackbird Administration

Yes you can do your own books, but do you want to?

Are invoices created on time and sent out on time?
Are bills paid on time?
Do you understand how cash flow works?

Contact Blackbird Administration, they enjoy looking at numbers.