409 days ago

Slopemowing is up and running.

Dougal from Slopemowing Greater Wellington

Slopemowing is now up and running in Featherston. We cover the whole Greater Wellington region and up to Palmerston North. Slope mowing, scrub cutting, scrub mulching, stump grinding. Perfect for overgrown sections, steep slopes and hard to access areas. Gorse, broom, blackberry, wilding trees up to 100mm in diameter, long grass, weeds, stumps, we do it all. And it's all remote controlled so safe, fast, and with no sprays it's environmentally friendly too. Give us call today.

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8 hours ago

Omāroro Open Day

The Team from Wellington Water

We’re hosting a community open day ahead of the next stage for the Omāroro pipelines project. Once built, Omāroro Reservoir will make the city’s water supply much more resilient in case of a disaster or operational failure. Right now, we’re installing the large pipes that will connect the reservoir to the existing network.

This next stage involves closing Wallace Street, Mt Cook, to traffic for a few months. A diversion will be in place via Wright St, and Adelaide Road will be the main route into the city to and from the south.

Interested? You’re welcome to attend the community drop-in session on Sunday 17 November 11am – 2pm at Massey University Executive Suite, Gate A, Wallace St. See you there.

9 hours ago

The Value of Cashbooks and Ledgers

Erin from Blackbird Administration

Spread sheets are great but they are time consuming and can result in errors in your finances. Check out what Cashbooks and Ledgers can do for you.

3 days ago

Fireworks Ban

Joanna from Masterton District

Local Government NZ (LGNZ) voted at their AGM this year to petition government to ban the private sale of fireworks in NZ. I called Masterton District Council today and was told they did NOT vote in favour of this ban! How many people did they consult before making that obviously ill-informed decision???
Do they not read Neighbourly and get a sense of the misery and destruction fireworks cause at ALL times of the year??
How dare they decide it's ok to continue with this stupid and outdated activity which causes such harm.
I am trying to find out how we can let govt know that there is a big silent majority who hate backyard fireworks, want private sales banned but dont know how to makes our voices heard.
If we want change, we ALL need to speak up.