34 days ago

"Lord have mercy" - on us all

Brendan from Clutha District


I would like to send out a "thank you" to the volunteer emergency services in our community that come to our aid in times when we need them most...

Those who hold the hands of our loved ones in times of passing at the site of an accident, because they've done all they can and all options have been exhausted.

Those who fight to extinguish the fires that threaten our families & livelihood. "For Gratis"...especially the vegetation/rural fires for which there is often little glory.

A country for which many of my ancestors & forefathers laid down their lives for, not for land or wealth..but for our freedom and for the people.

May God (whatever that is to you) have mercy on us all.


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5 days ago

Mouse not scrolling

Janet from North Dunedin

can someone tell me why i can't scroll my mouse anymore using the scroll button?

20 hours ago

Thank you Wattie's

Julia de Ruiter from The Salvation Army NZ

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Wattie’s NZ and the 150 schools who took part in this year's Cans for Good campaign. Thanks to the incredible effort of students, teachers and whānau, over 30,000 cans were collected and will make a huge difference to Salvation Army foodbanks around Aotearoa.

Wattie’s generously donated a further 25,000 cans taking the total number collected to over 56,000 cans.

1 day ago


Gail from Midmar Financial Services

Spring is Here, There are lots of lambs running round in the paddocks. Weather has been great and daylight saving is fast approaching, 29th September at 2am.
This means light nights, barbecues, night time walk. The longer nights allow gardening time and lawn mowing which can free weekends to have family times.
Enjoy the weather everybody and look forward to the extra daylight hours.
Stay safe.