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36 minutes ago

Elton John, the parking wardens and the ticket bonanza

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

More than 35,000 fans packed Forsyth Barr Stadium to hear the 72-year-old musician belt out hit after hit during an almost three hour-long set on Tuesday, February 4.

But as he launched the start of the New Zealand leg of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour tour, two parking wardens from the Dunedin City Council were quietly ticketing dozens of vehicles parked near the stadium.

Did you get ticketed? Do you think it was fair to ticket those going to the show? Read the full story here and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

5 hours ago

Lace up for summer fun

The Team from Resene ColorShop Dunedin

Who wouldn’t want to show up to play in flash shoes like these? Customise a fresh pair of footwear or fancy up some old favourites – while covering up scuff marks – with nothing more than a few Resene testpots, artist’s brushes and a bit of good quality masking tape.

If your kids are little, you can help mask off any of the harder parts – such as around the soles – that you want to keep paint off of and remove laces, if there are any. You can even use this idea to makeover adult shoes that never get worn because the colour doesn’t go with anything.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to makeover your shoes

1 day ago

Why we're putting quality first...

Cooper's Pet Kitchen

Hi neighbours! At Cooper's Pet Kitchen our food is free of cheap fillers like grains, corn, soy & wheat... but what does that really mean?

It means there’s more protein-packed nutrition in every bite. We’re big believers in quality over quantity so while our food may be a little more expensive than some, its nutrient density makes for smaller portions with more readily absorbable nutrients.

Get more bang for your dog’s bite with 50% OFF your first order with code NEIGHBOURLY.

This also means a decrease in what comes out the other end... less 'picking up' what they’re 'putting down' at the dog park if you catch our drift.
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