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My Nice Neighbour nomination

Andy from South Dunedin

I am often the first as nd sometimes the only neighbour to welcome new neighbours to the site and try to check the activity at least 5 times a week.
Andy Langford

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2 hours ago

Mystery after squatters leave abandoned Dunedin property covered in rubbish

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

A three-bedroom house for sale by mortgagee auction was left a mess by squatters, neighbours say.

Behind the padlocked door is a former family home, which – according to the Trade Me photos – was left strewn with rubbish, including plastic bags and discarded household items.

The Musselburgh property, which was listed for sale on October 2, will be sold at a mortgagee auction on October 30.

19 hours ago

'Turn our grief into action': Student cleanup honours killed teen Sophia Crestani

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

It should have been a normal Sunday morning on the notorious student street of Castle St North, but it was anything but typical.

Students, joined by university staff and the wider Dunedin public, were urged to "turn our grief into action" by University of Otago vice-chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne.

By noon they had turned up in their thousands to honour the wishes of the Wellington-based family of Sophia Crestani, 19, who was killed at a student flat party on October 5.

20 hours ago

Poll: Will you be celebrating Halloween?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Halloween is coming up on October 31, and there'll be lots of spooktacular-ly dressed trick or treaters around the neighbourhood!

Are you looking forward to seeing them? Will you be celebrating Halloween?

Will you be celebrating Halloween?
  • 10.2% I love it - one of my favorite times of the year
    10.2% Complete
  • 2.2% I use it as an excuse to dress up!
    2.2% Complete
  • 21.8% Hate it - we shouldn't celebrate evil and darkness
    21.8% Complete
  • 37.4% It's a nuisance - I won't be answering the door on the night
    37.4% Complete
  • 28.3% It's just like any other day for me
    28.3% Complete
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