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Heading to the bach this summer?

Climate Insights

Summer is nearly here and for many folks it is time to head to the beach. Whether you have your own batch or rent one it can be interesting to know about sea level rise, risk posed by storms, and of course tsunami.

With the Climate Insights property report you can get information on all three ocean-related events. With easy to read graphs and insights for reducing your family's and a property's risk it is an essential part of your coastal awareness toolkit.
Download your Property Climate Report

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The Team Reporter from Stuff

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We live in unusual times. It all gets a bit much some days. So we're bringing you a much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there's inspiration, kindness and quirkiness out there too.

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For sale: Seized cars. Two surprised owners

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

Two Dunedin residents say the city council should be doing more to notify owners about seized vehicles, after both were left blindsided and out-of-pocket.

Edward Ulberg’s car, a silver Nissan Bluebird, was towed from its parking spot on Dunedin’s Manor Pl, after it was classified as abandoned and impounded.

The former city resident has been unable to return from Melbourne to New Zealand due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and a friend had been looking after his vehicle – until it disappeared. "We had no idea who had taken the car.’’

A letter notifying the Australian-based Ulberg never reached him, nor did he see his car listed in a public notice published in the Otago Daily Times on Saturday. It took Stuff several minutes to track down Ulberg, who replied a few hours later.

"They need to do a better job at tracking owners down and not assume something has been abandoned...this is ridiculous because they’re probably going to charge me towing fees.’’

Ulberg said he had since contacted council and was told he would be charged almost $2000, if he wanted the vehicle, which he estimated was worth twice that.

But even if he signed the ownership over he would still have to pay $400 infringement fees.

That’s also a decision facing a Dunedin student, who was also tracked down by Stuff.

In late November, a suspected drunk driver smashed into the back of her Volkswagon Golf, which she had parked at Prospect Park due to the shortages of parks in the student area where she lived. The car, which had cost the Dunedin student $3500, had only been driven three times. The incident left the uninsured car with structural damage, and it was effectively written-off, the student, who declined to be named, said.

Her woes continued when on Crate Day she found the parked car had all of its windows smashed, and the weapon of choice – a large branch – had been left inside the vehicle.

The woman headed to Central Otago to pick fruit over summer, with the parked vehicle left on Queens Dr, Dunedin. "I was going to get my dad to take it home."

She had no idea the car had been flagged and stickered as an abandoned vehicle, and was not aware she had received a letter to her Dunedin flat saying it would be seized until it was effectively too late. "No-one my age does mail, I’ve never got a letter in my life... that is my first letter.’’

It annoyed her that the car could now be sold for parts, and the council may benefit from the sale.

She had called the council on the morning her car was towed from its parking spot, and was told the tow truck driver would call her back. "He's never called me.’’

Last year the council returned four vehicles to the registered owners, of the 30 vehicles impounded, council compliance solutions manager Ros MacGill said. If a vehicle remains unclaimed two adverts are placed, seven days apart, advising the car had been considered abandoned and impounded. If the vehicle remains unclaimed, it is then disposed of via a tender process.

MacGill said most abandoned vehicles impounded and disposed are of low value.

The council does not seek to make a profit from the disposal of these vehicles but does try to cover its costs, which include impounding and storage costs.

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Being Valued Feeds Your Soul

Alister from Dream Big New Zealand

🥇 For adults the most important value is that placed in oneself.
🔮 Personal Development is an effective facilitator to grow how much one is being valued by oneself. This is of foundational importance because:
"You cannot out-perform your self-image"
"Self-image is fate... fate that you control"
"With the proper self-image you can out-create any situation"
- Shane Krider, Day 1 of our 3 Day Mindset Mojo personal development online course.

🎙...it is ever so important to value oneself as you are the only one who is always with you.. I have recently found a WONDERFUL solution to keep oneself near & dear no matter what. One of our Six Daily Activities For Success as Online Entrepreneurs is Visualisation (imagining our desired future is happening now). I decided to save voice memos of me telling the story of my future & listen to them on my dog walks to help me make movies of this in my mind. This activity has increased my self-esteem, my focus, & ability to visualise for longer & more consistently.

✅ Personal Development teachers all say you have everything you need within - the whole universe. I never would have thought to go to myself for this. Tada! Tick - suddenly I am now doing another of our Six Daily Activities For Success -Cultivating an Expectation of Leadership. I am being a leader for myself, taking leadership of myself & I am thus attracting like-minded people into my Personal Development business.

🏦 I chose to invest in this business growing value in myself & in doing so I attract those who also wish to grow their value & in doing so attract those who also wish to grow... a growing network of Personal Developers being aptly valued & rewarded for adding value...

💔 I never quite understood why spiritual experts would say we need to get broken up a bit as that's where the light gets in. I felt like the light was already within. And the cracks let it out so we can share it with others. Maybe I am beginning to understand this a little more... we have everything we need within us - the whole universe - when we learn to connect with that which is higher than us - I'm aware of a successful connection when I feel a flood of joy, energy, love, fun like nothing else.

Much gratitude - www.DreamBigNewZealand.co.nz...